How do I improve my quality of life?

Remember being a child full of big dreams, ideas, and even bigger goals. How many of these dreams have you really pursued? How many of your goals have you achieved?

The sad truth is that when you grow up you earn to choose stability and being reasonable over passion and values. You settle for a life that is "fine". 

Not pursuing your true dreams and living on autopilot will eventually always lead to restlessness, boredom and even depression. Feelings you try to numb with tv, social media, alcohol, medication, relationships, food, sport or work.

Life is too short to settle for fine! Deep inside you know you are capable of much more if only that right opportunity would come along.

Where do you start?

Start by getting clarity on what it is that you really want in life. Start with answering the most important questions to feel fulfilled:

What is it that inspires me? What is my passion? What is driving me? Am I living by my values? What is it that you want to express with this one life I have? What do I want my legacy to be?

In your vision, you answer all these questions. Your personal vision statement tells you how you want your life to be and what you are going to do about it.  Following your vision provides instant direction for the future and your core values provide a mental compass to pursue that direction. 

You are the only one that can create meaning. When you know what is most important to you in this precious life and then make the commitment to work on your goals, day by day, step by step, every day becomes purposeful. 

It is never too late to hit the reset button, but the best time to start is NOW!

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