Our vision



Define what your ultimate aim in life is.

Create opportunities to achieve your goals.

Live a successful life with passion, purpose and potential.


It is not what happens to you that defines your life; it is what you decide to do with it.  

So, how long are you planning to live on autopilot? How long do you want to continue feeling unhappy, unfulfilled and not in control?

It is time to realise only you have the power to reshape your life! You are responsible for creating opportunities that help you successfully achieve what you really want out of life. 

It all starts with defining your vision. Your personal vision statement defines your ultimate aim and guides all other plans. Being clear on your core values, passion, vision, goals, and strategy, empowers you to start living the meaningful life you deserve. A clear plan for your life gives you the courage and kick in the butt you need to take more and deliberate action, wherever you are in life. It makes you unstoppable in pursuing your biggest dreams.

Our services

Through our workshops, seminars, online tools, video and consulting you (re)discover your potential and create a clear and practical action plan for the future.

Our services offer you a unique combination of education, challenging questions and practical experience: 

  • You gain awareness and potential for growth.  
  • Step by step you take ownership over your life by following our practical and easy to follow exercises.
  • You get the tools to make sustainable changes in your daily life and business/career. 
  • You are guided on your achievements every step of the way. You find lifelong support through our network.
  • By investing in your personal development your career and business will grow exponentially

Our mission

Invest in incorporating core values, passion, vision and goals in your daily life and you will grow exponentially in all area's of life. 

The moment you discover your inner excellence, your perspective changes.  

When you see things differently, you do things differently. By changing the way you look at your life, you change your actions in the now and shape your outlook on the future.  

Get inspired.  Inspire the people around you to be outstanding on whichever path you choose to take. Become part of our movement by defining, creating and living YOUR life story and contribute to a society with limitless prosperity and abundance.  

Our Goals

At Partem we want to help you to define, create and live their life story.  

You can help us reach our goal for 2017 and be part of the to 1.5 million people we want to positively impact with our educational programs. 

Our Story

DSCF2014Why are we so passionate about helping you to unlock your potential and create a life to love?

Because we all experienced ourself how being clear on your vision for life changes your life!

The story of Partem begins in January 2016 when Harish Rao finds himself in a hotel on a business trip, staring out of the window, looking for answers in the dark night. The facts were these: Harish and his businesses were facing serious challenges. Facing a meeting about his accountability the next day, he was racking his brain WHY he got into this mess and more importantly, what would get him out.

Unable to sleep, Harish picks up a book by Robert Steven Kaplan: "What to ask the person in the mirror"  He had read it before but as he starts reading the first chapter again he suddenly gets it: Without aligning himself and his businesses with his vision, he is on a path of immenate failure.

When he returns to Curacao he inmediately implements his own vision "Enable outstanding people" in his company. This completely changes his life and the turnes the fortunes of the busines around. 

Seeing the numbers go up, he realized the importance of having a vision for everyone, especially entrepreneurs. He also understood that if you start investing in your personal growth, your quality of life, wealth and business or career grow exponentially.

Harish made it his mission to combine this knowledge on personal growth with his experience in business and share it with as many people as possible. He was soon joined by Michelle and Varouna, who believed in this idea passionately as he did.  By September 2016, Partem Education became a reality. 

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