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Written by Harish Rao on Sunday, 26 March 2017. Posted in Career and business, Life management

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The funny part is that you are expected to respond to every one of these communication forms. The funnier part is that the more successful you are, the more you get flooded with communication. But, the funniest part is that the more successful you are, the quicker you tend to respond to all forms of communication! How is that possible?

The reasons are as follows

  1. Successful people understand the need for quick responses.
  2. Successful people tend to organize their communication efforts better
  3. Successful people tend to prefer speed over perfection. I get to hear from people that they still haven't sent out that most important mail because it needs to be perfect. Not true! Perfection is a dream! People prefer speed!
  4. Successful people tend to delegate or are able to delegate

Having said this, how can you respond more efficiently? I have organized myself as follows:


I check my emails through the day. There are 4 categories of emails:

a) Emails requiring action from me.

b) Emails that require a simple answer like thanks or emails that require action by another person.

c) Emails that I am copied on and don't require my response. 

d) Emails that come from stores/ sites that I am interested in.

  1. I flag the emails that I need to act on. If I am not returning to the office within 24 hours I send a simple mail saying I will act on it the moment I reach office.
  2. I respond to the simple emails immediately. Takes me lesser than 30 seconds. 
  3. I scan read the emails that I have been copied on. 
  4. I scan read and delete the emails that come from stores that I am interested in.
  5. Furthermore, Apple allows you to create something called VIP mails. Any emails that I get from my 2% club (people that mean a lot to me) gets a priority so that I view it first.

What's app

  1. I normally tell people upfront that I do not check my messages very often. Maybe once in 2 days. 
  2. I review my messages in my spare time. Only the 2% club messages are read and responded to.
  3. The rest can wait when I have some time. 
  4. I do not view videos, messages longer than 2 sentences and forwards.
  5. I scan through jokes. I don't waste time forwarding "interesting" videos/ jokes/ articles ??

By the by, in case you are wondering, I don't personally respond to my Facebook messages.

I am talking about a volume of 300 emails and 500 what's app messages. I think it's manageable at this time. But, I will buy time in the near future by hiring a secretary that will scan all my emails and what's app messages. Strict instructions to her or him not to open my 2% club communications!

Hope the above tips are of assistance to you!

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