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Written by Harish Rao on Tuesday, 21 March 2017. Posted in Career and business

Jim Rohn, the father of motivational speaking once said: " if you invest USD 3 on a book that helps you grow as a person, the investment will give you a return of USD 30."

Top CEOs in the US read, on an average, 60 books a year. The world's most influential people average the same number of books. Brad Sugars, Grant Cardone, Jim Rohn keep harping on the importance of reading. 

Then, why is it that 95% of the people in this universe don't read personal development books. 80% of the remaining 5% that read don't complete most books that they start. 

Jim Rohn says "work hard on your job, you make a living. Work hard on yourself, you make a fortune!" The first step to working hard on yourself is by reading. 

Funnily enough, Everybody I speak to acknowledges the fact that reading is important. Some even tell me "I must commence reading". Some even go so far as to say that reading gives them a headache?. 

Another major obstacle that people (in this case, many women) point out to me is that they love reading proper books, not eBooks?. 

In my opinion, reading personal growth books is a means to an end, to a goal! What's more important, the journey or the destination? For me, it's the destination that matters! If a book can encourage, motivate and catapult you closer to your goals, I don't give a damn what form it is. I think that all the reasons that people give for not reading are self sabotaging reasons. 

No wonder the wealth and influence in the world is severely imbalanced! Do you know that 2% of the people in this world controls 95% of the wealth in this world? Coincidentally 2% of the world also devours books as though it's a dessert?. 

When I talk about personal growth, people misunderstand what I mean that to be motivational books. I beg to differ. It can be on any topic as long as it gives you the knowledge to achieve your goals. 

For instance, when I realized that I was weak in sales, I immersed myself in books regarding sales. I fell in love with Grant Cardone's books! I went and trawled the web to find who else can give me information on how to be a better salesman. I read Brian Tracey and Jim Rohn ( by the by, you can read Jim Rohn for any topic). 

A couple of weeks ago, I was busy preparing for a workshop on how to help entrepreneurs nail down a vision for their business. I realized that I lacked insufficient knowledge about this subject. I went ahead and purchased a bunch of books about creating a vision for your business and devoured them?. Books are a fountain of knowledge!

Having said this, I would like to give you the following tips to commence reading:

  1. Identify the topic on which you would like to gain knowledge. 
  2. Commit to yourself that you will do whatever it takes to master the topic. 
  3. Trawl the web to see what are the best books available on the subject. 
  4. Identify the top 3 books and invest in them. 
  5. Commence reading?

There are 2 more tips that I would like to elaborate on. 

  1. You know what is the single biggest invention/ discovery after the Gutenberg press? It's audiobooks. For those of you that have a block about reading, why don't you listen to audiobooks? I listen to them all the time. Shaving, showering, driving. I put a goal that I would read on an average 1.5 hours a day and I monitor this goal daily. There is a lovely company called from which you can buy 3 books for USD 21.95 per month. 
  2. You may be inspired by certain speakers. For example, I am very inspired by Grant Cardone and Jim Rohn. Additionally, there are certain authors that have written wonderful one-off books. I alternate every new book with an old one from my audible library or iTunes library. In fact, I just finished listening to Darren Harry's the entrepreneurship roller coaster for the fourth (or the fifth) time. I have listened to most of Jim Rohn books more than three times!

So, armed with all the above information that I have shared, what are you waiting for? Go buy THAT book that will put you on the road to success!

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