Finding your life purpose: You can't do it all!

Written by Harish Rao on Thursday, 02 November 2017. Posted in Inspirational

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Mark Twain said once " there are 2 very important days in a person's life. The day he was born and the day he finds his purpose."

 I have been looking for my life purpose since I was an adolescent. Looking back I now understand the drinking, smoking etc. when I was 14. 

I left India and landed in Curacao at the ripe old age of 30 with nothing but a will to make it in life. I wasn't satisfied. I wasn't happy. I kept threatening my wife that I would leave home and become a monk! You know who a monk is? A guy who renounces everything and walks from house to house begging for alms. I thought that this was the path to enlightenment. 

I returned to India when I was 40 for a holiday. My mom asked me whether I wanted to meet a wise man that my family has been visiting for years. " Why not?" I said. 

I met this gentleman. He looks very much at peace with himself, very calm and very relaxed. He starts talking to me and asks me what I would like to do with my life. I reply that I want to become a monk. He asked me why. I said that I wanted to attain enlightenment. 

He was silent for a while. After a while, he looked deep into my eyes and asked me whether I was willing to renounce smoking and drinking. I responded that I would do whatever it takes!

AND THEN, he changes my life in 1 minute. 

He told me the following:

" Son, there are 2 kinds of monks. The first kind is the one that renounces everything and goes on seeking enlightenment. Then there is the second kind of monk. This monk will go create a wonderful world and attain enlightenment by working hard, growing wealthy, creating a better world by attaining a purpose in his life."

"Son, I believe you are the second kind. You will go into this world and acquire a life purpose that is going to not only touch you but also the people around you" go do it right now. 

I was not pleased. But, I came back home and forgot all about it as I heeded his advice of not renouncing material life. 10 years later, here I am. His words have come fully true!

I attained my life purpose when I defined my vision to enable outstanding people, products, and services". 

And you know what, he had told me that I would go back and visit him when I have attained my life purpose in about 10 years I think the time has come to visit him again.

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