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Written by Harish Rao on Friday, 24 March 2017. Posted in Inspirational, Life management

less politics

"Politicians don't put food on your table" - Grant Cardone, Top salesman, motivational speaker, millionaire entrepreneur.

I see the drama ensuing around the swearing-in ceremony of Donald Trump as the president of the USA and I wonder why there's so much drama! The people below the poverty line are sliding further into poverty. 76% of the population of the world, the so-called middle class are living from one paycheck to the other. And then, there we are, getting all hacked up about politics!

95% of the entrepreneurs in the developed countries have become successful despite politicians. Most of the successful people (other than people directly and indirectly related to politics) don't even watch the news because news is a distraction to whatever they have set out to achieve.

I personally don't watch TV and don't indulge in politics more than what is required of me. 16 years of entrepreneurship in a country to which I immigrated, not being able to speak the official language (Dutch) of my adopted country hasn't stopped me from making a success out of myself. So, what's the fuss?

Let's stop wasting our time and energy on things that we cannot make a difference and focus on the one thing which we call our "vision" or our "life purpose". Of course, if making a difference to the world through politics is your vision or life purpose, then please pay attention to the world of politics. If not, don't bother!

Check and review the time you spend on the Trump issue. Utilize that time to grow personally in order to achieve your vision and I guarantee you that you will help make the world a better place!

I, like my inspirations Grant Cardone and Brad Sugars, do not watch the news. If I need to hear something, people around me (who may have nothing better to do?? and watch the news) will tell me. I believe that news purveyors purvey bad news as bad news sells!

So, people, let's go out and try to work towards our vision and goals!

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