Your 2% club: The controversial truth about friendships

Written by Harish Rao on Thursday, 02 November 2017. Posted in Relationships & network

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All of you guys must have read my previous blogs on the 2% club. 2% club is the small number of people that you love and trust. You love them and trust them irrespective of where they are in their life station. That means that you will spend time with them irrespective of whether they contribute to your life.  

Unfortunately, there is a small problem here. The above being the case, there may be elite members of this club that are holding you back. Why is this so?  

Have you heard of frequency? Frequency is the zone on which you feel and act. It's a waveband.  

Let me explain frequency better. Let's take FM radio as an example. You search for radio stations (frequency) that you want to listen to. Over time, we end up with a couple of stations that we love to hear. Over some more time, we end up listening to the stations because we are used to listening to the stations (HABIT). Over an extended period, some of the radio stations change but, some remain because we are used to them (COMFORT ZONE). We tend to like the songs or the talks in these stations. This leads us, at one point or the other, to start believing or being convinced by these stations. Am I making sense? 

People frequency is similar. You tune into people that you like and want to hear, right? We are humans. After a while, we have a set of people that we trust and love and that we love to hang out with. Eventually, once we evolve into another frequency, some of these people fall off. Some of them will not. The people that fall off don't do so swiftly enough. We are creatures of habit and we don't like to stretch out of our comfort zone. So, these people that don't evolve or don't evolve quickly enough will keep trying to distort our feelings and thought processes. So, there will arise, a situation where lots of positives are being put across in the higher frequency. These are being negated by the negatives being transmitted by people in the lower frequency.  

 To give you statistics, only 2% to 3% of the people in this world have evolved enough to understand the consequences. Can you imagine the damage being committed by the remaining 97% to 98% of the people? No wonder we have civil wars, strife, and distress all over the world.  

pexels photo 220444This phenomenon is similar to "the frog in the well" syndrome. For the frog living in the well, the well is the world. When a frog dares to THINK about climbing out of the well, the rest of the frogs hold it back. It takes extreme determination and willpower for a frog to climb out. The same goes for humans! 

 I have commenced doing the following: 

1.List all 2% club members in my life.  

2.Analyze without emotion who contributes to my life and who does not.  

3.Reduce interaction with people that do not contribute to my life which is the first step towards eliminating them from the 2% club.  

This process is emotional and takes a lot of determination, courage and emotional stability. The 2% club invariably includes family members, partners, and children. I am not going to tell you to get rid of them😀. But, I believe that you may have to invest immensely in these people to be on the same frequency as you. If you don't invest, the cause will be lost sooner or later.  

There is also an emotional string attached. This emotional string will keep this investment going on long after you and everyone around you have realized that the investment is a dead investment😀. But, we need to review these investments periodically and with detachment.  

I know what I am saying may be construed as controversial. Believe me; it takes a lot of courage from my side to put these thoughts on paper. But, this is a part of evolving life.  

Coming back to my closed ones, there is a person in my life that means more than anything else in this world. This person, of course, is my daughter Tania. I want Tania to be in my 2% club forever! Keeping this in mind, I have invested in her evolution big time! I have tried to be the best father that I can be. I have invested in her mental growth, invested in giving her what I can by way of love, affection, comfort, and security.  

There will be a day when she will evolve into a higher frequency than me. The only thing that may hold us is love and emotional strings. If I don't evolve with her, it will cause immense damage to her.  

 So, I have resolved that I will try to keep evolving with her as long as I can. I have made a commitment to grow as a person as fast as I can so that, in the future, the evolution gap will remain small between us. 

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