Harish Rao

Harish Rao

Harish is an entrepreneur and investor who has many accomplishments under his belt. His latest initiative is Partem Education.

Discovering his own vision changed his life and he now wants to create a more inspired and purpose-driven culture around him. Through his vision “Enable outstanding people” he now has his mind set on changing the world!

Through Partem Education, Harish dedicates a big part of his time and efforts in organizing workshops, seminars and advising people how to live their life purpose. By sharing his knowledge and experience, Harish has proven to be an inspiration and motivation for the many people that attend his events.

Besides empowering people to grow in their fields of interest, Harish is very passionate about the Abaque Group charity foundation called “Reaching the sky”. The foundation is involved with helping special needs children in Curacao as he believes that everyone has potential to be great!

Contact info

Fokkerweg #30 Salina - Curacao N.A

+5999  846 4848



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