Trust: The strongest foundation for success

Written by Harish Rao on Thursday, 30 March 2017. Posted in Relationships & network, Self development

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I get a lot of flak about my trusting nature from friends, colleagues and family. I also have been conflicted about the word "trust" because I was under the impression that you trust different people on different things. So, I decided to roll up my sleeves, investigate, reflect and write?

Let's begin with the definition of trust. Merriam-Webster dictionary defines trust as follows:

  1. Assured reliance on character, ability, strength or truth of someone or something;
  2. One in which confidence is placed.

I was taken aback with this definition because my initial impression was right. However, I hated that my impression was right as it brought up a lot of questions such as:

  1. Let's say I trust Mr. X with a book. Should this mean that I trust Mr. X in all things? Of course not!
  2. Let's say somebody is in my 2% club, do I trust them unequivocally? If I don't trust them, should they even be in my 2% club?
  3. What happens to the people that fall under my rule of 5? They have achieved more than me. Should I trust them? If so, on what?
  4. What happens to the people that contribute to my life? Should I trust them? If so, on what?

My colleague Michelle, told me once that she does not trust people that don't trust themselves. How does this work vis-a-vis the definition of trust?

And then, the lightning bolt struck me. Trust is intangible! Trust is whatever or whoever we believe in at a point in life! Research shows that, in the USA, 52% of the people are scared of long term relationships. The primary reason behind this is a fear of commitment. This fear arises out of the fact that people are unsure whether they should trust others with being a part of their lives. So, looking at trust from another perspective, I can say that trust is the level of commitment that you want to place on something or someone for something.

So, if I trust somebody enough to lend a book, that means, I am committed to the belief that he or she will make good use of the book or return the book or whatever I choose to believe and commit at that point in time.

This is an ongoing research for me. You will hear more on this topic in the future.

In the meanwhile, coming back to me as a person, am I trusting or gullible?? Do I think or feel when I trust?

The answer is ... I DONT KNOW! What I do know is that the world is filled with good people. Just because 5% of them are not trustworthy, why should I hesitate to trust the whole world. I can go wrong only 5% of the time??.

Life has always given me what I wanted. So, cheers! I trust the world!

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