Introspection: the ultimate guide to personal growth

Written by Harish Rao on Thursday, 02 November 2017. Posted in Self development

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If your a frequent reader, you may have realized that my last few blogs have been more introspective. Most blogs talk about evolution as a person, evolution in personal, social and business lives. 

As you are all aware, from humble beginnings, we built Abaque group into a name to be reckoned. Our shareholders and stakeholders made a lot of money on their investments. It brought a social status along with it. Success shined everywhere.  

However, when we lost big money in 2015, I went into a shell. I didn't know how to handle the situation leading to lack of confidence, insecurities etc. It took me a while to realize what brought me here will not take me to the next lesson. By the by, all of you should read Marshall Goldsmith's book with the same name.  

But, another realization hit me. I need to grow as a person faster than ever. The world moves faster than us. Most people try to keep up with it. The successful move faster than the world! These people constitute 3% of the entire world.  

How did the successful turn out to be a success? They invested in their personal and emotional growth. When I started on this journey, I found that I was invariably behind the learning curve. Then I realized something important. I needed to take massive action to grow as fast as possible! I have been doing this for a while now.  

I feel that I have changed inside. But, I may not be the best judge about this. I hope that my 2% club see and feel the change😀.  

Am I still filled with insecurities? YES! Am I still emotional? YES! Am I still weak in certain areas of my life? YES! Am I the leader that I want to be? NO! Am I where I want to be on my personal growth curve? NO!  

I am human and I am learning to be better every day. The saving grace for me is that I am making a MASSIVE effort to grow and be better! 

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