Identify your value

Do you know what ideas and beliefs control you?

Once you do, you can use your values to make more powerful decisions in every area of life. 

Everything around you changes constantly. Only once you discover the invariable core of your identity, you understand:"This is who I am. This is what I value. This is what I am searching for." 

In this half a day event you define your Core Values. These values are your personal navigation system for making the right choices. Values help you make decisions that lead to real success and fulfillment in this crazy fast world. 

Define what distinguishes you from the herd. Learn how to use your unique strengths to your advantage in your personal life and business.


Your Goals:


●  Understand how self-limiting beliefs undermine your confidence and decision-making.

●   Recognize what beliefs and ideas control you

●   Identify what you value most in life.

●   Define your set of unique core values.

●   Use values to effectively define your priorities in life.

●   Use values to identify the right goals for your future.

●   Get practical tools to live by your values daily.

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