Harish is an entrepreneur and investor who has many accomplishments under his belt. His latest initiative is Partem Education.

Discovering his own vision changed his life and he now wants to create a more inspired and purpose-driven culture around him. Through his vision “Enable outstanding people” he now has his mind set on changing the world!

Through Partem Education, Harish dedicates a big part of his time and efforts in organizing workshops, seminars and advising people how to live their life purpose. By sharing his knowledge and experience, Harish has proven to be an inspiration and motivation for the many people that attend his events.

Besides empowering people to grow in their fields of interest, Harish is very passionate about the Abaque Group charity foundation called “Reaching the sky”. The foundation is involved with helping special needs children in Curacao as he believes that everyone has potential to be great!


Varouna is content manager and trainer at Partem, responsible for developing high quality educational and motivational content. Her vision is “Rise. Connect. Empower.” As a trainer she is passionate about people discovering their essence, connecting with their strength through education, practice and with a good dose of humor.

She found her purpose when she started working with underage refugees. Struck by the incredible strength she saw around her, she found a new appreciation for life and a relentess drive to strive for the best you can be. 

After visiting Curacao, she fell in love with the island and moved there to follow her passion for empowerment. It was through this passion she met Harish, who challenged her stop dreaming and start making concrete plans. After experiencing first hand, how defining vision changes your life and unlocks new opportunities for growth, development and successfully achieving goals, she joined the Partem team.

In cooperation with “Foundation Reaching the Sky” she is also dedicated to educate kids and teenagers through playful workshops on the importance of believing in yourself, your dreams and working together to reach it. 


Michelle studied Social Work in Holland because she found out early in life that she was passionate about working with people, helping them to find their motivation from within and coaching them in achieving their goals. During her career as a social worker, she was mostly involved in counseling juvenile delinquents and child abuse cases. This gave her an entirely different perspective to life leading her to start thinking about what her role could be in making the world a better place.

Michelle loves to travel and it was during one such holiday to Curacao she fell in love with the island. She decided to move to Curacao in 2015. Always being ambitious and up for a challenge, it was no surprise that whilst working in the hospitality industry to start building a new life, she commenced Curacao Home Rentals (a real estate agency). 

Besides Curacao Home Rentals Michelle now works on reaching out to as many people possible through Partem, to help them "Discover and Live their Purpose". She believes that discovering and then living your purpose is the key to a fulfilled and happy life.


Annemiek is a entrepreneur at hart and loves to keep busy with different projects and challenges. She grew up in Holland but landed on Curacao in her early twenties and made it her home. Since she was young she always knew she wanted to pursue freedom and the possibilities to impact people in a positive way. 

Through her insurance broker AR Agency she dedicates her time on developing her agents and setting the bar for excellent service for her clients. With Teak Time she can express her creative side and help make homes from houses. 

Partem Education gives her vision "pay it forward' a platform. With her passion for personal growth she likes to seek out the best in people and inspire them to pursue their goals while contributing to a more friendly and a more equal world.

Contact info

Fokkerweg #30 Salina - Curacao N.A

+5999  846 4848



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