Smart Teens

A 3 hour fun, interactive and challenging workshop in which teens discover their strengths, learn how to set S.M.A.R.T. goals and make an action plan to work on achieving a goal step by step.

Smart teens know what they want and how to prioritize and work together to make it happen. This helps them gain confidence and make smarter choices for their future, school and friendships.


  • Take individual responsibility for a positive atmosphere.
  • Build self-esteem through discovering your strengths and talents.
  • Practice with giving and receiving compliments.
  • Learn how to turn a dream into a goal.
  • Know what a smart goal is.
  • Set a smart goal for this year.
  • Make an 8 step plan to achieve your 1 year goal.
  • Work together to achieve a goal. 


Do you want your teen to learn how to set goals ?

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